Boutonnière d20 dice lapel pin, custom to you


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    Unique Novelty Gamer Wedding: They say the couple that rolls together strolls together... Okay, maybe they don't say that, but either way, the only thing better than a gamer geekmance is a D&D themed wedding. Start the new adventure off right with this geek chic D20 design featuring a "natural" 20 (of course!) for a critacular start for any role-player, dungeon master, RPG fanatic, and tabletop gaming couple! For other colors or matching products, please contact me!

    This is a hand crafted Boutonnière custom made with polyhedral dice. each Boutonniere is hand made, "flower pedals" (sepal) are hand dipped and large leaves can be customized any color, as each boutonniere is made to order and will be crafted to your specifications, we will begin buy selecting dice and ribbon colors and you will be contacted along the way for instructions on matching for you special day.

    dice used are are D8, D20, & D12 unless otherwise specified and high numbers are placed front in center.

    custom gift boxing available with wedding date or class.

    This is a custom order and cannot be returned or exchanged after shipping, we will customize along the way and a prof will be sent before the Boutonniere is shipped for your approval.